Get a virtual U.S. address & import goods from U.S. stores

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Robert van Hoesel
Robert van HoeselHunter@robertvhoesel · Co-founder Crowded
Was looking for a great way to buy from online stores in the US and get them shipped to the Netherlands. Fishisfast does this in a great way, you can store several purchases from different shops, get pictures from them and send them in one package to save costs.
Michal Ptacek
Michal Ptacek@michael_ptacek · founder of Officelovin
Nice. Are there any major differences between Fishisfast and Shipito?
Ernest Fata
Ernest FataMaker@youneverheard
Oh wow, thanks. I never thought we'd be on here but glad to be here.
Ilyas Hassani
Ilyas Hassani@ilyashassani · App Entrepreneur
My country can charge me hundreds of dollars of the package is above $50 , can you guys put the invoice Less then $50 for each order ?
Pascal Pixel
Pascal PixelMaker@pascalpixel · UX Design, Full-stack Development
@ilyashassani you write the customs declaration yourself
Tariq Rauf
Tariq Rauf@tariqrauf · FM
Seemingly pricey but has some value added services. How does this compare with : and
Pascal Pixel
Pascal PixelMaker@pascalpixel · UX Design, Full-stack Development
@tariqrauf You only pay $3 for each package you ship (you can receive as many as you like and ship them in a single box for that $3) and the prices for shipping are straight from the API's of FedEx, USPS, Amarex & Yamato. For that $3 you get the photos of each item, the possibility to return an item, and you can leave them in the warehouse for free