Anonymous communities for verified healthcare professionals

Fishbowl is a social app for professionals and now open to Healthcare. It lets verified healthcare professionals anonymously exchange information and experiences, join specialty-based communities, and access a support network. Tell your friends in Healthcare.
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Thanks @jtzou for hunting! It's personal for my cofounder and I, with both of our wives working on the front lines in NYC hospitals. We've worked to quickly support this community of healthcare providers who are going through extreme challenges right now. We're hoping to provide them a safe space to support each other, discuss real-time issues anonymously and share up-to-date COVID-19 info. Just over the weekend from when we opened it up we've seen many physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals sharing more difficult moments and getting advice. So, for any hunters out there having friends that work in healthcare, please share this with them as a resource.
Nurses, doctors, physical therapists, et al. are on the front lines are working, fighting, and sometimes dying so that those of us at home can rest easier at night. That said, I was elated to find out Fishbowl - a semi-anonymous workplace community -- has created a safe place for our healthcare heroes to communicate earnestly with one another. More than ever, they need our support and the support of each other; this product appears to serve the latter ❤️