SaaS analytics for Stripe

You know you've built something meaningful when companies build on top of your platform. We're continuing to see Stripe-based products on PH. Here are a couple: - HookFeed - Customer Analytics for Stripe cc @SDMattG @JoelleSteiniger - Churn Buster - Stop Losing Money to Failed Payments in Stripe cc @andrewculver - Quaderno - Invoicing for Stripe cc @polimorfico - BareMetrics - SaaS Analytics for Stripe - Chrrp - Stripe payment push notifications
@rrhoover Stripe data have a lot of potential to create new services and provide more value to its users.
@rrhoover Totally agree! I think Stripe is going to continue winning developer payments in a big way because of Stripe Connect. Initially a lot of us started using Stripe because of the revolutionary same-day onboarding, pricing, developer-friendly API, built-in subscription model, etc. But now, as other payment providers try to copy those features, they'll still fall short because they lack this ecosystem of drop-in tools that Stripe allowed to develop around Stripe Connect. Now when considering other payment providers, developers have to take into account all the off-the-shelf third-party solutions that won't be available to them for analytics, notifications, failed payment recovery, invoicing, fraud detection, etc. etc. Supposed to be a related article submission.. :)
Just looked at a startup's data using FirstOfficer--was pretty slick and useful.
Nice interface and very well focused tool. Congrats @jaanakulmala!
Looks really cool, but the problem with the majority of these tools is they don't recognize third-party subscriptions they only pull from Stripe's subscriptions so nothing works for us. :( I've talked to a lot of other people who had the same problem, someone should solve it! Otherwise the product looks great, awesome idea!
@torbahax Thank you. I'm sorry, but FirstOfficer doesn't support third-party subscriptions either. But I'm sure there will be more apps like this and hopefully someone builds support for you too.