Concierge doctor house calls, available 24 hours a day.

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William Dinkel
William Dinkel@williamdinkel
Has anyone tried this? Would love to know more about the experience @theirishvc
Bryan O'Connell
Bryan O'ConnellMaker@theirishvc
@williamdinkel If you would like to try our service, we are offering a VIP Health Check for just $79 for Product Hunters (regular price $299). The Health Check includes immediate analysis of your cholesterol (using just a pin prick of blood), Electrocardiogram and a discussion of diet and lifestyle with one of our board certified physicians - all from the comfort of your home or office. To obtain the discount, email to book.
Alex Vinogradov
Alex Vinogradov@alexvinogradov4 · CEO
@theirishvc @williamdinkel @firstlineapp Hi, My company,, makes a revolutionary full-function but portable, miniature electrocardiograph at ultra-low cost ($240) with full remote diagnosis by Smart Phone or PC. Diagnosis is through our cardiology network. I’d like to discuss partnerships or co-sales. Alex
Nadia Yun
Nadia Yun@nadia_yun · Consumer Marketing Google Hardware
Would like to hear experiences and if they're really avail 24/7
Hugo Troche
Hugo TrocheMaker@hugotroche · CTO, Firstline
@nadia_yun Yes, we are available 24/7. We can usually get a doctor to a nighttime visit in under 90 minutes.
Bryan O'Connell
Bryan O'ConnellMaker@theirishvc
@nadia_yun Hi Nadia - I'm Bryan the CEO - we are indeed open 24/7 - don't take my word for it, call us tonight at 3am!
Justin Smith
Justin Smith@xenoabe · Senior UX Architect, Cartoon NEtwork
Is this available nationwide?
Bryan O'Connell
Bryan O'ConnellMaker@theirishvc
@xenoabe Just in the Bay Area for now - more cities launching this summer
Jay Matthew
Jay Matthew@iamjaymatthew · Staff Writer - The American Genius.
@theirishvc come to Austin, I can help
Sam Green
Sam Green@senthos · Founder, My Geek Review.
Look forward to seeing this in Los Angeles