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#1 Product of the DayJuly 17, 2017

Mohammed ElBalkini
Benjamin George
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  • Mohammed ElBalkini
    Mohammed ElBalkiniDiscovering tech

    good resource to understand how big & successful startups made it


    missing techniques & also the failed trials before the winning ones

    many founders got fooled that startups succeed by a lucky strike and by following their way they will achieve the same result as well. however the reality is founders do take so many trials to get this winning strike and have failed so many times before it.

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Andrew Allsop
Andrew Allsop@andrewallsop
Good idea but a little light on content.
Lucas Lazaro
Lucas Lazaro@lucaslazaro · UX Researcher at TaqtileBr
@andrewallsop Thought so too, the stories are too shallow and provide little insight into how the startups actually got their early adopters. The references are good though!
Andrew Bernstein
Andrew Bernstein@andreoidb · Founder @ Rapid Realtor Leads
@andrewallsop Agreed. The content is super light, and provides little more than a one paragraph summary on the what the companies did. Didn't find it useful at all
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@andrewallsop agree. This article by @theunixbeard goes into a lot more detail on how we started Product Hunt: Product Hunt’s Rise: An Overnight Success 1,834 Days in the Making
Andrew Allsop
Andrew Allsop@andrewallsop
@theunixbeard @rrhoover Thanks Ryan, I've not seen this before. There's Growth Hacker's Growth Studies too which are really good - I've no doubt a book on this subject would be a huge success.
Matt McSpiritt
Matt McSpiritt@mmcspiritt · Founder & CEO, Squabble
@andrewallsop @andreoidb I think it would be beneficial to include a summary and then links to founders talking about their MVP/acquiring first users themselves (ex. Brian Chesky interviews about AirBnB are on YouTube).
Tarun Gangwani
Tarun Gangwani@tarungangwani · Product,
Looking forward to seeing Enterprise SaaS use cases.
Liandy Hardikoesoemo
Liandy HardikoesoemoMaker@liandy213
@tarungangwani I will add a more diverse entries into the list.
Mike Williams
Mike WilliamsHiring@yoroomie · Building & investing in startups
Agree with the other comments about needing more depth. Great concept though and a huge need for this type of resource! Maybe I'll submit some content on case studies I've done 🤔
Daniel Njoo
Daniel Njoo@daniel_njoo · current student, future (?)
@yoroomie please do! this is obviously crowd-sourcing dependent
Liandy Hardikoesoemo
Liandy HardikoesoemoMaker@liandy213
@yoroomie Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback. Feel free add more into the list ( to start with? :)).
Ryan Hashemi
Ryan Hashemi@ryanhashemi · Co-Founder / Growth Strategy at RISE9
Would love a more fleshed out version of these snippets. Hard to glean much from a couple of sentences!
Artashes Vardanyan
Artashes Vardanyan@artashesvar · Love disruptive tech. Constant Learner.
the user behaviors have change a lot and the way FB or Uber acquired first users will not work now. but seems interesting at least to get some insights