First Users

Find out how successful startups got their 1st users

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Good idea but a little light on content.
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@andrewallsop Thought so too, the stories are too shallow and provide little insight into how the startups actually got their early adopters. The references are good though!
@andrewallsop Agreed. The content is super light, and provides little more than a one paragraph summary on the what the companies did. Didn't find it useful at all
@andrewallsop agree. This article by @theunixbeard goes into a lot more detail on how we started Product Hunt: Product Hunt’s Rise: An Overnight Success 1,834 Days in the Making
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@theunixbeard @rrhoover Thanks Ryan, I've not seen this before. There's Growth Hacker's Growth Studies too which are really good - I've no doubt a book on this subject would be a huge success.
@andrewallsop @andreoidb I think it would be beneficial to include a summary and then links to founders talking about their MVP/acquiring first users themselves (ex. Brian Chesky interviews about AirBnB are on YouTube).
Looking forward to seeing Enterprise SaaS use cases.
@tarungangwani I will add a more diverse entries into the list.
Agree with the other comments about needing more depth. Great concept though and a huge need for this type of resource! Maybe I'll submit some content on case studies I've done 🤔
@yoroomie please do! this is obviously crowd-sourcing dependent
@yoroomie Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback. Feel free add more into the list ( to start with? :)).
Would love a more fleshed out version of these snippets. Hard to glean much from a couple of sentences!
the user behaviors have change a lot and the way FB or Uber acquired first users will not work now. but seems interesting at least to get some insights