First Tweet

Who tweeted about it first on Twitter

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Good also for tracking news sources
Developer here. Thanks for the great response. Happy to answer any questions you may have around #FirstTweet
"@danielpunkass Product Hunt -- I know it well :-)" 6:37 PM - 3 Apr 2007
@thomasmeagher "@Applegate @lexinorthwood Are they the organic fresh C&A dinner sausages or the natural frozen C&A breakfast sausages? #producthunt" 7:46 PM - 13 Jan 2012
@thomasmeagher haha, that's also the first thing I searched for.
@rrhoover The context of the tweet and that Product Hunt is purposefully capitalized is super interesting too.
I don't understand the technique behind. But for me it doesn't seem to work properly. Given the quote "true words come easy", which I 'made', published, tweeted. I enter it and as a result I get . My post, which contains the exact words in the exact order, doesn't appear, though.
This is astoundingly useful for finding the origins or #viral content and will certainly come in handy when doing research for podcast interviewees!