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First Search is the largest database of curated, high-quality advice for building startups ever created. We've vetted, tagged and organized 10,000+ articles about every facet of company-building.

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Since launching First Round Review ( four years ago, we've learned a lot about what makes startup advice actually useful — and how hard the good stuff is to find. Most of the time when you Google how to do something, you get a glut of listicles, vague 'thought leadership,' and misinformation. We want to fix that. We're launching First Search to collect and centralize the best advice about all aspects of building tech companies. To do this, we've tapped our community of experts, like Dropbox VP Product Todd Jackson and Plangrid CEO Tracy Young, to send us their favorite articles — and we've combined that with software trained to suss out quality and credibility. All told, the site makes high-caliber content searchable across 260+ roles, disciplines and topics. Check it out today. Save and share the pieces you like. Explore curated lists built by the industry's best ( This is just the beginning. The more people who use the product, the better it'll get — and we'd love your feedback along the way. In the meantime, we want to know: Is this resource helpful? What articles/authors/blogs would you like to see added? Would you want to become a First Search curator? Leave us comment, stay tuned, and get searching! 💥 Edit & special offer: If you leave us some feedback (i.e. content you'd like to see included, improvements you'd like to see made) in the comments here, we'll make sure you see our next big January release of the product early! Some very cool stuff in the works.
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@maddie_hall1 really awesome Maddie -- have been very impressed by the breadth and depth of coverage; how long have you been working on this?
@_pulkitagrawal The product/engineering team has been working on it since last summer. Thanks to the leadership of @kdeggleman and incredible talent of @ldelbeccaro @tedowens and @brettberson we were able to iterate quickly and ship the product. It's truly been a team effort.
Always blown away by what First Round provide to the startup ecosystem. this is pretty epic too!
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@bentossell Thanks, Ben. We're excited to help the startup community find extremely high-quality, curated advice about all aspects of building companies in this new way! #NoMoreUnnecessaryListicles :)
@bentossell @maddie_hall1 You didn't think "thought leaders" on Quora were cutting it? ;) Very well done. Much appreciated by founders and founders-to-be!
@bentossell @rhizaboveit All types of content have a home on the internet, but we prefer the tactical quality stuff that's actionable for busy operators :)
@maddie_hall1 Love it! I'm actually cobbling a "how-to" toolkit for remote/non-tech aspiring founders and would love to add this. Best of luck!
@rhizaboveit Throw it into this suggestions survey when you are done and we can add to the db. I'm assuming it's actionable, quality advice if it's based on your own career :)
This thing is Gold. First Round Review is my go-to platform to read stuff. Everything is so detailed. Thanks for doing everything. :)
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@rafyasarmatta think of this as the Tedx version of the Review :) Same high-quality content from a wide variety of industry experts and sources.
@rafyasarmatta Thanks so much for the kind words! Means a lot to us here.

I've been using First Search for about a month and find myself returning again and again to help the founders we work with find the information they need. I've also found myself bookmarking a ton of articles to read for later - essentially a more targeted Pocket for my own personal career development.


I love that I finally have a go to place to search for the best advice across the web to help the companies we work with.


I am biased, but nothing at this time. Excited to keep playing around with the product.

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Thanks Chauncey! Glad to hear it. We look forward to growing the database and making the search experience even more personalized in the future.
:) NIIICE...comment I mean...I will bookmark this sight because of your korero - comment xx thank you very much
love the new platform, congrats to the @firstround team!
@firstround @azizmorsly Thanks so much! Every day, we'll serve up new advice relevant to what's going on in the industry, emerging tactics, and best practices. This is just the beginning. We'd love your feedback along the way (