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As a founder I’ve always wondered, when’s the most appropriate time for your first non-technical hire? How about the first office manager? HR specialist? In the startup world, people always say that building an awesome team is critical to the startup’s success. But how do you decide the team composition of your first 10 hires? To answer some of these questions, we at Codementor researched the first employees of world’s top tech companies - Airbnb, Dropbox, Uber, and more. Take a look and learn how unicorn companies built out their early team.
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Great product :D
Sites like this are cool, a lot of of people would find it interesting to see who the first hires were at known companies -- just wish there were more companies added before launching =/
@nivo0o0 +1 really like this. Wish there were more companies.
@nivo0o0 Thanks for the kind words! We'd love to make this a collaborative effort! :) Please help us make the list more comprehensive by adding new companies and/or new early team members!
This is a great website! Start-ups have plenty of struggles and this website can really help them (and us) in the right direction regarding hiring people. Will definitely keep an eye on this.