First Aid Git

A searchable collection of most FAQs about Git.

#4 Product of the DayApril 29, 2015
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The name caught my eye for sure. ;)
Woah, I can barely believe that such a simple project made it here. So this is still an early version of what I intended First Aid Git to become: the domain is still a temporary one (hence the redirection) and there's loads of little tweaks to be made. Feel free to contribute! I agree with Akshit, the color scheme will be updated eventually to make things more readable. I was merely trying to do something that would be a little bit different from my usual designs :) At the moment I'm working on some more content for it, a command based search, and eventually an API for it. My goal is to be able to answer my own git questions directly from the command line, so that's where I want this project to be. I am so glad that people are finding it useful thus far. I use it often myself (I still haven't learned my own git lessons...) so I'm hoping it solves an actual problem for everyone else too. Harry, the "Search Again" button cleans the text and focuses on the search bar again, but if you've already scrolled down too much it looks a bit "erratic". Something to fix, thanks for the heads up :)
@magalhini It's not about the project being simple, it's about the value it provides!
@neerajt4 Thanks Neeraj, I think I'm still suffering a bit from impostor syndrome with this one :) But you're absolutely right. Cheers!
@magalhini I hear you! All the best. :)
Love the name.
Nice I used to face the common problems so many times but now this can work for me as one place to search common problems. But background blue color is very unpleasing to eyes, so for a reading website I think that color should be changed because after spending few minutes on website I felt irritating while reading ans.
Nice job on the UI, looks very clean! What does the 'Search Again' button do? When I click it it seems like it tries to refresh the answer.