Post a date, pick a winner & meet up.

That feel when I've never been on a date...
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Hey everyone. First off, big thank you to Bram for hunting First. Bram, I truly appreciate it. I created First because, although new dating apps are released what seems like every week… none of them seem to actually be “dating” apps. Social? Yep. Entertaining? Sure. But how much time have you invested ON the app, vs out on dates? (Don’t ask me to answer that question) I set out to create an app that gets you off of your phone, and onto dates, as simply as possible. Feel like going to lunch with someone new? Post a date for your favorite lunch spot. Then, choose a winner from those near you that are interested in joining. Here’s the kicker- (yes, it was hard for me to use that phrase.) - you get to choose who’s paying. Your treat, their treat, or 50/50. The users who see your open date on the feed can see who’s buying right off the bat, before they post a submission. In fact, when you’re browsing the feed of open dates posted by users near you, you can even sort by who’s buying, to make things easier. At this point it makes sense that there’s no swiping (🙌), but another stance that sets us apart from most dating apps, is that there’s no messaging either. Now I’m not Apple, but someone needs to finally raise a hand and point out that there is a simpler way. How did your parents meet? For most of you, the answer is that they saw and were attracted to each other, one asked the other on a date, and attraction grew *on the date.* When you’ve spent a week talking to someone, not only are you repeating what they’ve heard 1000 times, you’re also setting yourself up for a boring first date (if it ever happens), because the chance to discover and learn about your date in person is ruined. Apps are supposed to make our lives easier. But, it feels to me as though most dating apps have convoluted the process. That’s why I created First. The first real dating app. I’m wearing a CamelBak and am prepared for questions, comments or concerns. Thank you Product Hunt, you’re an awesome community. Truman P.S. Please show mercy on the video, that’s my all-nighter voice (:
Blind dates on steroids. Like it.
@crazygentleman0 Thank you, Mohamed! Just don't take too much pre-workout before the date (;
Great idea Truman!
Really love the idea, but went to use the app and it's got a few bugs. Understandable for a first launch though. - Editing bio has some issues, throws errors w/o telling me what I did wrong and can't seem to fix it - Map and search selector has a problem (type in nopa and you have to be ninja quick to make your selection before the smart suggestions make it disappear) - errors in the date and time selector.... looks like it might be restricting me from posting a date more than a week in advance? hard to tell, but there is no copy explaining it. - the inability to cancel a date if it has no matches is a little weird... If I post something and no one is interested and I want to change my plans, I should be able to take it down. As opposed to waiting till the 5 hrs before for my schedule to open up. Some small thoughts: - might be nice to be able to opt in for notifications (i.e. notify me when there are dates available in my area, esp. since it's fully blank right now) - the date selector feels a little restricting, like if you can't find the type of food the restaurant serves you can't set a custom one - it's a little heavy on the gradients - wording on buttons is not super clear (i.e "where to first", "no I'm indecisive")
@elife_is Hi Eli! Thank you so much for your detailed feedback! I truly appreciate it! I will address your very valid points! The bio doesn’t allow users to post any social media channels, among other things. If you tell me what you had tried to post, I can tell you what flagged it, but I purposely don’t tell users within the app, because they would try to game it. I absolutely agree re the map and choosing a location. That is under development and I agree, is annoying. It’s true, you can only set dates up to 1 week out, this is a decision that may change over time to try to find a sweet spot. The next update will include the ability to cancel a date. Quite a lot goes on behind the scenes to make sure no one gets “double booked” (it may seem unrelated to the use case you’re describing, but it’s a convoluted web, trust me lol). With that said, you’re absolutely right. You should be able to change your plans, and it’s on the list. Regarding letting you know when other dates are posted in your area, that is being worked on right now! Regarding date selection, for the same reason that we have guidelines on the bio content, we don’t want to fully open up date types. But, you can suggest a certain date type within the app, and we’ll almost always add it if there’s demand! Over time, pretty much anything you could think of will be on there. Not a fan of the old heavy gradient, eh? lol. I agree, the wording could be more clear. Going to start split testing on the next update. You’re the man Eli, I really appreciate you taking the time… your thoughtful feedback is extremely helpful!
@truman thanks for the thoughtful replies! In regards to the bio, it looks like it may have problems with punctuation... I just posted 3 short regular sentences that came to about 112 characters. Tried to shorten it to one and that didn't work. I managed to write "bleh" but that's maybe not the most attractive thing to say about myself.
@elife_is Haha no problem, happy to have this dialogue with you! I will follow up with you via twitter if that's ok (: