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Chris Cates ⭐
@itschriscates · Software Developer
That feel when I've never been on a date...
@truman · Founder @ First
Hey everyone. First off, big thank you to Bram for hunting First. Bram, I truly appreciate it. I created First because, although new dating apps are released what seems like every week… none of them seem to actually be “dating” apps. Social? Yep. Entertaining? Sure. But how much time have you invested ON the app, vs out on dates? (Don’t ask me to answer tha… See more
Mohamed Ahmed Fouad
Blind dates on steroids. Like it.
Tony DeFranco
@tony_defranco · FotoFreeze
Great idea Truman!
Eli Chamberlin
@elife_is · Lead Designer @reelgoodapp
Really love the idea, but went to use the app and it's got a few bugs. Understandable for a first launch though. - Editing bio has some issues, throws errors w/o telling me what I did wrong and can't seem to fix it - Map and search selector has a problem (type in nopa and you have to be ninja quick to make your selection before the smart suggestions make it … See more