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Easy and fast access to web applications


When you work with web apps they mix with other sites, losing you time and distracting you. Firework turns web apps into desktop apps.

⏱ These web apps launch and are ready to use immediately

📌 You can pin them to Taskbar or Dock

👌🏻 Switch between them as you usually do with desktop apps

Would you recommend this product?
Hipster development

Using it for music, Google Translate, and recently started using web version of Skype through Firework (because desktop version started munching on CPU and RAM all of a sudden).

Updates keep coming, they really listen to user requests. App is stable now, im satisfied with it.


Lightweight, easy to use. Developers listen to feedback.


A room for improvement with pages kept rendered at all time (Settings - Speedup of Apps).

Fouder & CEO, Firework
Thank you for you review. Let me know if something be wrong, we will be happy to help you.
Happiness Engineer, Automattic

I have been using Firework for a week now. I love it because it helps me convert web apps to desktop apps easily. Faster navigation, productivity.


Faster navigation = improved productivity.


None that I can think of right now.

QC, guitar player

Nuff said


Fast app, especially with web versions of Skype and WhatsApp


Haven't found

I am very

Overall I like it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something about the ADS in website.

Make it block the ads in website. sample I use it to watch series in some shady website that has ads all over the place.

I know problem is mostly in me but the adblock part will be really great.


I like that its fast.

You can pin the website in my taskbar (windows)

I use it as kinda like a bookmark


I dont know if it is safe my outlook account was block when I try to login.

Downloading thru installer is a pain usually install DL are slow

Fouder & CEO, Firework
Jon, thank you for your review! Yesterday there was more than thousand downloads, so the download was slow. We will put distribute to CDN to fix it. Some systems show a safety warning when login is non-standard. This is normal. Using of Firework is completely safe, we use Chromium engine as it is. We are going to add AdBlock extension soon. Please be patient. We are working on it.
This is the best all-in-one app. After trying Franz, Rambox, Station and other similar apps, you should download it and enjoy