The stunning new game from Campo Santo and Panic

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 08, 2016
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TonHunter@t55 · Mac'aholic
The tasters were a real treat. Gorgeous graphics, tempting trailers, intriguing storyline: Firewatch seemed to have it all. Can't wait to play the game in a few hours from now....
Ivo Teel
Ivo Teel@calimonk · Entrepreneur, Engineer, Gamer, Vlogger
@t55 This game really looks gorgeous, the gameplay seems to be quite unique. Look forward to this one!
Binoy Xavier Joy
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
Damn good artwork. These are my wallpapers now! and
Brian Sutich
Brian Sutich@bsutich
So excited to pick this game up today for PS4. Been waiting a long time since they first announced it!
Reinald Freling
Reinald Freling@rfreling · Founder of CocoaMail
Completed it. This game is so immersive. The voice acting is probably one of the best I've ever heard in a video game. It's a bit short (4-5hrs) but that's to be expected when a game is good. I've got a feeling that there is more to explore story-wise so I might replay it choosing different answers to main plot points. I highly recommend it!
Can't wait for this.