The stunning new game from Campo Santo and Panic

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The tasters were a real treat. Gorgeous graphics, tempting trailers, intriguing storyline: Firewatch seemed to have it all. Can't wait to play the game in a few hours from now....
@t55 This game really looks gorgeous, the gameplay seems to be quite unique. Look forward to this one!
Damn good artwork. These are my wallpapers now! and
So excited to pick this game up today for PS4. Been waiting a long time since they first announced it!
Completed it. This game is so immersive. The voice acting is probably one of the best I've ever heard in a video game. It's a bit short (4-5hrs) but that's to be expected when a game is good. I've got a feeling that there is more to explore story-wise so I might replay it choosing different answers to main plot points. I highly recommend it!
Can't wait for this.