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Hi All, Our product enables you to record your startup journey in the form of a beautiful interactive timeline. There is so much that goes on in building a startup and all this information is not recorded anywhere. We wanted a handy link to share our startup journey with other startups, investors or even our family. So we created Fireup ! Here is an example of how a timeline would look > Simply click on Create Timeline on top right to try it out. Let us know your thoughts.
It's a nice idea and a fun way to show a startups journey. I'd love to see milestones highlighted and with maybe some icon. Filtering by this milestones would be nice as well.
@germancastano Hey German, thanks for the ideas. We did get some feedback today about some milestones being more important than the others and that we should have a way to highlight the important ones somehow. Currently we are using hashtags for clubbing similar updates to timeline, but adding filtering for viewing the important milestones will surely bring value to readers who don't want to go through a long time. Thank you so much for this suggestion. We will surely add it in our plan for next build.
@rahul_rane Maybe you could think about your tool as an alternative for journalists to know about a startup that they would like to write about, besides you could add a link to the press kit too.
@germancastano Thats an excellent point about the press kit. That would be very helpful indeed. We thought briefly about how journalists can find the startups better on fireup, but having press kits if definitely a good first step to start attracting them to know about any specific startup. Loved the suggestion. You are awesome !
Nice product. I think it's an amazing concept. Keep doing the good work. Would like to see support for videos as well.
@cp_1402 Thank you so much for the feedback. We are working towards adding video support as well as adding multiple media files to a single post !
@cp_1402 Thanks Chandra. Glad you tried it out and appreciate your feedback. We are working on video support - both upload and embedding from youtube/vimeo onto the cards and planning to roll out by september.
Cool concept. My only critique is that it feels like the timeline is backwards - I got to the bottom when I noticed it was the oldest date.
@bryanmanio Thanks Bryan. Thats an awesome feedback actually. We definitely need to add this to our next build to deploy a design solution to make it more intuitive. May be we will indicate it specifically and have an option for user to switch from ascending to descending as per preference.