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Last year while I was travelling, I found out about an event outside of Toronto called Fireside. At the time, it sounded like a pipe dream to me. Since I was about to leave my previous job, and this was an event that brought together investors, founders, and startups and threw them all together at a summer camp and took away all their gadgets for the whole weekend. What I was excited for and expecting was a weekend filled with incredible people in startups and tech. I was excited to disconnect, go water skiing, hear some awesome talks, and just go to this event knowing literally not a single other person there. What I didn’t expect was how that lack of technology and social hierarchy would create an incredible environment for forming deep, meaningful relationships with people in the most unexpected ways possible. The relationships I built at that event were without a doubt the foundation of my career as the Community Manager at Lighthouse Labs today. To this day, every event I go to, the people I always am the tightest with are those I met at Fireside in 2016. Really really looking forward to another incredible experience in 2017.
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Fireside was like no conference I have ever attended. The environment and the programming really did enable authentic connections to develop organically. I am still in touch with everyone I met there and am grateful for having met my bunkmate who I now consider a very close friend. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Fireside. If you're not going this year, you are really missing out on something special and unique. At this point, it's a can't miss event!!!
@whatsupanna wow thanks for the amazing kind words. It's so fun hearing stories from alumni about things that came out of fireside that we don't even know about, like new friendships! So excited to welcome you back this year Anna!
I had the pleasure and honour to speak at last years conference on venture capital and fundraising. The real magic was all the moments in between. The walks with new friends through Camp Walden going deep into the topic of fundraising that you just can't impart in a presentation. Also the crazy fun team building exercises. The best conference and un-conference I've ever attended. I'm coming back this year.
Big feels coming from your comments, @classonde! It was such a pleasure welcoming you up to attend and speak last year. Your talk was so poignant and timely. Can't wait to have you back!
Last year, I attended Fireside and had an absolutely unbelievable experience. This year, I'm flying back in to attend it again. Fireside may very well be my favorite weekend of the year and I'm so fortunate to be a part of this new tradition. People in this thread are using the word "magic" a lot, which may seem strange to outsiders, yet is also is the most perfect word to describe Fireside. It's everything you could ever hope it might be. The organizers are incredible. At the end of the day, their passion and drive in this is to simply make sure everyone has an amazing time and walks away with a new experience, learning, friend, and memory. They help you make the weekend what you want and need it to escape from the busy world, a networking opportunity, incredible speakers, a night under the stars, an camp experience that you thought you'd never get again once you graduated high school, and so much more. If you're thinking about it, go for it and apply. You will be so happy you did. Can't wait to meet you there!!
@mattbilotti two amazing things happened as a result of this comment. 1) it’s the first time both Matt B from Boston and Matt B from New York (@mattrbruno) have appeared together and that’s exciting because you two will finally meet at fireside and, 2) it started raining on my eyes while I was reading this, which is both bizarre and miraculous
This looks awesome! I've been to Camp Walden many times before, and the space is literally magic. I trust this will be the retreat Canadian founders need. Looking forward to it!!
hey @joshlilien thanks for the kind words! Walden is indeed an amazing place! excited to have you join us!
@joshlilien Trying to get some more Montreal founders and startups out here to connect the Toronto/Montreal tech scenes a bit more. Would love for you to spread the word over there.
@joshlilien @izzydoesizzy Yes, YES! Let's make that happen. Love the Montreal community!