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Hi everyone! When I decided to make the leap from software development to podcasting full-time at back in 2009, I spent several weeks testing out all of the available options for podcast hosting and came up empty handed. So I started building my own platform to handle file hosting, analytics, website management, the works. From the beginning, though, I knew that I wanted to share the platform with other podcasters, and help eliminate all of the obstacles that make podcasting difficult. I've tried every other platform out there, and realized that they are all missing things that are critically important to modern podcasters. So I built a small team to help me develop my platform into something much better -- something that will make podcasting easy for everybody, from novice to expert. Fireside offers a gorgeous and responsive website (with several new templates in the works), iTunes-compatible RSS feeds, worldwide publishing and distribution, content delivery networks and reliable, redundant hosting, simple bookmarklet-based link management, automatic metadata and cover image insertion, MP3 chapters, sponsorship and campaign management, member support, everything I could think of that podcasters like us need. Plus, if you're already a podcaster, Fireside offers tons of advanced features, like free, one-step importing from older podcast hosting platforms like Simplecast, Feedpress, Libsyn, and Squarespace, or directly from any iTunes-compatible RSS feed. I'd love it if you would give Fireside a try. There's a free 7-day trial so there's no risk to try it, and it's easy to cancel if you decide to. I'm working hard every day, and I'm hoping you'll help me come up with even more ways to make Fireside the best it can be.
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Dan and his team from 5by5 have been working on the best platform for podcasters for a long time now. It's a very robust set of tools, packaged tightly, that solve the various problems with an elegant interface. For those of you who know Dan - the attention to detail here is bordering on absurd, but it's rewarding in that you get to leverage all of his learnings over the last decade or so of building out a great podcast network.
I've been podcasting seriously since about 2010 or so, and I've tried just about every hosting solution out there. For both serving episodes and creating a site for them to live on, Fireside is hands down the service I've been waiting for. I podcast a lot. I even make part of my living off of it. And I give Fireside my complete recommendation. No reservations whatsoever. I want to spend my time making great shows, not wrestling to hold a bunch of disparate technology together. No single service gave me what I was looking for until Fireside became available. I looked to Dan's podcast network, 5by5, for inspiration when I formed my own network, and now with Fireside I am using some of the very tools he designed for himself to publish, promote, and monitor my own shows. I watched Fireside's development for a handful of years, starting back when it was just a podcast analytics platform. I waited anxiously for more details to emerge. I made a nuisance of myself, I was so excited about the potential of a platform made by and for podcasters. I can say that it's lived up to my every expectation. I currently have 9 shows hosted on Fireside, with a few more on the way. I trust Dan and the whole Fireside team with my business. As a bonus, everyone on the Fireside team has been very responsive to input, and receptive to new ideas to make Fireside more capable. Seriously, just give it a shot.
Been using a buggy Wordpress plugin for years. 5 minutes it took me to import my feed and to set everything up. Feels like home already.
The minute I logged in I knew this was where I wanted my podcast to be. It's gorgeous, simple, and well thought out. Great work, Fireside team!