#2 Product of the DayDecember 18, 2019
Securely access the passwords you’ve saved in Firefox from anywhere — even outside of the browser with the redesigned, open-source password manager from Firefox.
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thank you random firefox intern for letting me experience what its like having tinnitus through the background track you chose 😂
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Any timeline on this issue: https://github.com/mozilla-lockw... Most developers use Chrome and Firefox to test so adding a Chrome extension would be great.
@junaid33 No timeline yet but it's certainly on our radar and part of our mid-term strategy
@junaid33 @sandy_sage Ah, that's a dealbreaker for me. Chrome extension would have meant I could replace my 1Password usage, but this has not given me any reason not to keep using it when it works with everything already.
@junaid33 @sandy_sage Great... adding me here to this thread. If it ever becomes available... ping Lastpass users here in the company but mostly on Chrome
Really like Mozilla's push for privacy and security, even more so with projects like these. Keep up the good work!
@igor_dimovski They are doing an amazing job out there. No other company fights for the open internet as much as they do.
Is there any way to import logins from a different stand alone password manager?
@jreichenstein At the moment, I don't think the stand-alone mobile apps allow importing of logins. But the add-on is build into Firefox Browser and it allows importing from other browsers. Importing from other stand-alone password managers is not yet possible. The fact that it is open-source makes it more likely to get feedback from the community and these features get built into it.
Any details on security and how does it compare in terms of feature to Lastpass, Dashlane and 1Password? (sell it a bit...)
@utestme It is still in its early phases compared to those password managers. The one thing I would say makes it different is the fact that it's open source and the code can be reviewed unlike the others which are mostly proprietary. Firefox is working to provide a suite of privacy respecting products, and they are always looking for feedback. With the right support and feedback from the community, it would hopefully get to the point of being the trustworthy alternative to the other password managers. And Firefox is behind the product, so I bet they take its security very seriously.