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Why don't you check before you add? It has already added.
@ozgrozer your link doesn't show up on the search results: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... Sorry
@ozgrozer It just became publicly available today
It seems much faster than Safari.
I do sort of like the interface, although I can't figure out how to control + f and the default search being Yahoo is initially annoying.
@fighto Thanks for the feedback! Find in Page is coming soon and you can change your default search in Settings.
@darrinhenein Why did you guys wait so long to offer up any kind of mobile web experience for iPhone? It's been quite a number of years and now the market has shifted but their still remaind as always a demand for value...sad to see this iteration granted it literally just seems like an exact port of firefox for mac to the iphone, and works like the other browsers on ios, nothing better just a bit different...no issues being fixed I know die hard firefox fans will use "firefox" that are just using it for the name but that isn't solving an issue at all. That doesn't solve the mobile web issues for billions of people globally. People don't need a different mobile web experience they need a better one...this isn't better.
Congrats @darrinhenein @stephanleroux and team! Downloading it now πŸ“²