The Tesla of toking. Electric vaporizer.

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Best. Vape. Ever. - VapeCritic
Hey everyone, I'm excited to post Firefly! The launch of FF2; pre-orders now open for limited release Firefly 2's for delivery in April/May. Here's a glowing article by Engadget that was posted this morning: Here is an amazing review ( by VapeCritic... this is his highest reviewed vape. Ever.
Thanks Nick/Product Hunt for the feature. We are very proud to bring an amazing piece of technology to the market!!
@baran_dilaver Hey, trying to reach out to you guys about this product. Do you have an e-mail I could get to talk to you guys more about the Firefly? @sasha_robison @rachel_dugas
This is the vaporizer that will change your relationship with plants and the concentrates!!'s a whole new experience - unlike any other vape (well, ....maybe except for Firefly 1 to a certain extent :)
Hey all, it's great to have the Firefly up here on Product Hunt! It's been over a year in the making and it's exciting to be finally getting it out to people. Happy to answer any questions on the product, the technology that we've been working so hard to perfect, vaporizing or just product development in general.