Firefly 2.0

The best way to coordinate with friends



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Zachary DeWittMaker@zacharydewitt
Hello Product Hunt community! I am a co-founder of Firefly and we are excited to share our free, award-winning iPhone app with you! Our mission is to make you feel closer to your friends and family! In doing so, we help eliminate FOMO (fear of missing out) as you always know where your friends are. With Firefly, you are in control as you can turn on and off your Firefly light to both share your location with friends and to go dark when you want privacy. We built the product because we got frustrated with constantly having to text and send group chats to friends and family to figure out where they are and what they are up to. With Firefly groups, you can quickly see where everyone is without having to bother them and you can message everyone in one place. Try some of our power tags for added functionality (like #hangout or #event). Firefly has been featured by Apple as a "New App We Love" and we have been growing quickly since our launch in early March. We would love to have you join our community and we really appreciate any feedback, questions and suggestions! Zach DeWitt Co-Founder and CEO
Jade@jaybedreamin · Founder, Permoveo
@zacharydewitt Sounds awesome, any chance of an Android version coming soon?
Zachary DeWittMaker@zacharydewitt
@jaybedreamin hi! Not immediately but hopefully in next few months :)
Dan Loewenherz@dwlz · Founder, Lionheart Software
@zacharydewitt Congrats man, looks great!
Hayden Williams@howillia · VC @BBGVentures
@zacharydewitt I love the new focus on groups. Looking forward to more awesome stuff from the Firefly team!
Julian@crown_luminary · Student, Entrepreneur
Love the idea, any plans for Android?
Zachary DeWittMaker@zacharydewitt
@crown_luminary not immediately but hopefully in next few months!
David McDonough@davidmcdoughnut · Founder @ CommonStock
Love the new group aspect! Hate missing out when my friends are hanging out together and love seeing what my buddies people are doing. Goodbye forever FOMO!!
Ralph Strachwitz@rstrachwitz · CVO @ FoodApps, Filù & eUdacity
Love the focus on fomo. Interested to see your next steps. Any plans to integrate open source messengers (like telegram) to keep eyes on ux and functionality?
Zachary DeWittMaker@zacharydewitt
@rstrachwitz thank you for the feedback! Telegram is a great service, but we don't have any immediate plans to integrate. Really focused on getting as much feedback on "Firefly Groups" as possible and improving the experience of knowing where and what your friends are up to in a controlled and private setting