An app that's your local guide and intimate travel journal.



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Shawn Low — Co-founder,
So we've been tinkering away at a travel app that got a number of nifty features. is a smart, location-aware travel app which acts as your local guide and intimate travel journal. We remember where you go so you won’t forget! passively and actively stitches together the most important moments of any trip into a digital story of your travels. We integrate the best of trip planning, travel guides, journaling and mementos in a beautiful experience, designed for today’s smartphone-enabled traveller.

We believe travel is about new experiences in your backyard and out in the world. We believe that these experiences should be recommended, captured and shared with the world. is here to help you do just that.
Aziz Morsly — Founder Nibduck
@shawnlow nice to see here. When you say "passively" does it mean it will suck my battery?
Shawn Low — Co-founder,
@azizmorsly Hey Aziz! Great question! We use a combination of GPS, cell signal, wifi signal and broad location updates to work out where you are. While use of the GPS does strain the battery a little, we've work hard to ensure that users can get a day's use out of the phone. I believe that Pokemon Go drains the phone more than does! :)
Ruzbeh Bacha — Founder and CEO, CityFALCON
I've been using the app for some time now, and love it!
Shawn Low — Co-founder,
@ruzbehb Thanks! Thank you like it. Look out for updates that add even better functionality. #happytrails
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