An app that's your local guide and intimate travel journal.

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Shawn Low
@shawnlow · Co-founder, Firef.ly
We've pushed a small but important update. For those of you who downloaded the app, we thank you! Do update as one of our important backend services has shut down and we needed to migrate to a new one! You'll need to log in after updating but all will be well after! :) http://app.firefly


Shawn Low
@shawnlow · Co-founder, Firef.ly
So we've been tinkering away at a travel app that got a number of nifty features. Firef.ly is a smart, location-aware travel app which acts as your local guide and intimate travel journal. We remember where you go so you won’t forget! Firef.ly passively and actively stitches together the most important moments of any trip into a digital story of your trav… See more
Ruzbeh Bacha
@ruzbehb · Founder and CEO, CityFALCON
I've been using the app for some time now, and love it!
Stephen Smith
@themapsmith · Mapsmith
Hey everyone, I designed the maps for Firef.ly. The app was already gorgeous, but once they plugged in a @mapbox basemap it really shined! I was really impressed with the care and thought the team put into the design of the app. Every experience was carefully thought out and beautifully designed with a bold, opinionated style. If you have any questions about… See more
Johnathan Butler
This is neat!
Alex Marshall
Just downloading this now :-) There's quite a few apps in this space that track locations or photos or notes, but it looks like you guys handle everything! Whats do you think your coolest /biggest / best / most unique feature is? I'm also wondering how you plan to monetise?