Build your site with Sacha, the A.I. web designer

Firedrop is a webpage builder like no other: rather than using drag and drop or templates, simply talk to Sacha - the web design chatbot - and watch your website build up before your eyes.

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Took so long to see The Grid which seems similar! I think we will see a massive increase in AI web builders
@bentossell You're right, we've seen a few come through over the past year. More interestingly is how we're all starting to converge on similar solutions to the problem, though with different interface approaches.
Hi everyone, First of all thank you to @duncanjcarter for hunting us, very excited to be on Product Hunt! I'm the founder of Firedrop. We created it after seeing The Grid's early attempt at A.I. web design and felt we could approach it in a slightly different way. Our main priority is to give a bit more hands-on experience with the A.I. design process, and of course we have a chatbot to help the less experienced through the process. Our target is either tech novices who have struggled to handle the relative complexity of drag and drop builders like Squarespace, or web designers who could use Firedrop as a rapid prototyping tool. I'm around all day to answer any questions and would really love to hear what you guys think! Marc
This is a really interesting direction for AI - looks great - going to give a try - Good luck with the crowdfunding! :)
Looks great! Are there any plans to add functionality such as ecommerce, events etc?
@scottbowler thanks! Yes we have a big roadmap of features in the pipeline but as we are only a small team of 5 at the moment we can't build them fast enough just yet. That's why we're crowdfunding though, to hire more devs!
@marccrouch makes sense! Unless I'm missing something, it looks like you can't use your own domain name - is that correct?
@scottbowler you certainly can use your own domain name, with our Firedrop Pro package. You should be given the option when you click the Publish button in the chat window.
@marccrouch Had a play around - snazzy animations! Is it possible to add more than one page? Also, it seems quite a laborious process to add sections and modify layouts - I get the idea of having a chat bot to do the initial setup, but the lack of a GUI to manage things such as layouts starts to become frustrating..
@scottbowler currently we're offering one-pagers while we build up the feature set and improve our algorithms. The question about control is a complex one. Obviously we're not Wix and never will be so we won't go down the route of a drag and drop interface. But we do plan on adding more fine-grained options, for example being able to say "give me a taller layout" or "image on the left", "make text bigger", that type of thing.
Amazing. For AI future