Easily find, edit, import, export and report Firebase data 🔥

#5 Product of the DayOctober 21, 2018

FireDrill is for easily finding, editing, importing, exporting and reporting of Firebase data.

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This product looks very promising, Firebase database is worst to navigate, tools like this are extremely useful. The only complaint I have is about your website. There is nothing in your site other than connect. I went there to try and got scared to provide my firebase API key and other details. I expect the website to atleast have some info about the product, contact, etc details not just the single page widget.
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@prakis Hi Krishna. Thanks for your feedback. I'll try to add a landing page for more information. I also understand your concerns. The product is open source, so you can set it up and run it in your own environment. You can also see the code and rest assured nothing from your Firebase project is being captured.
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@prakis Also regarding security. If your database has security rules, knowing your firebase config won't allow access to your data. And if you log in with Google (not your email/password) the application can't access credentials. Again I appreciate your feedback. I'll add a privacy policy explaining that nothing is being captured.
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Firebase fan here 🙋🏽‍♂️ Should be useful
@dbyassmith - let's check this out for
Very good concept. But setup is difficult and it has to be as a PWA.
@scott_lepper how do we connect and find the details mentioned ? if i need to connect my database through firedrill's JSON field where do i find the JSON ? is it the google services .json ? lots of confusion the page could be more detailed and a documentation to get started gives a peace to mind to share our credentials on a thirdparty platform.