Hyperlocal anonymous chat network (no Internet required)

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Check out how Firechat can be used at Burning Man!!
There have been several hyper-local chat apps posted on Product Hunt in the past few months. Here are a few: - Bubble -, added by @syedaliahmed - Popcorn Messaging -, added by @mutlu82 - Ripple -, added by @mutlu82 - Breakr -, added by myself cc @citizenglish @Popcorn_Ryan @Nivo0o0
Here's an interesting article about iOS7, FireChat, the Multipeer Connectivity Framework and why it's so important for the future
Hong Kong protesters are giving this relevance. Huge adoption during yesterday's pro-democracy protest.
Interesting idea @Nivo0o0 and I met yesterday and chatted about this type of connection. Pretty cool! Excited to see the ideas coming out of this space.