Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo's hit strategy RPG Fire Emblem reimagined on mobile

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1 Review5.0/5
Ryan OlsenMarketing Guy
I love tactical games and I want to give this more of a try. The problem I had initially is that to keep the game below the carrier download limit, they have all these points where the game stops to load more data. It kills my motivation to play, then waiiiiiit, then play, then waiiiiit.
Excellent game, but only when you have Wifi available :)
Re:ProdactylTech, Gaming & Coder Enthusiast

Been a fan of Fire Emblem Heroes and really enjoy the game. I've spent money on the game but to be fair I think I would have been fine if I hadn't.


Very generous with their Free-to-Play acquisition of "Premium Currency". All lower tier characters are upgradable to the highest tiers.


Some strategical placing of their summoning banner making it feel like they're trying to get you to spend money.