Fire Emblem Fates

The newest game in the series comes to the US

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I haven't played any of the games in this series, but I keep hearing really great things. Will definitely need to check it out.
@jakecrump Same here! I would like to have the time to try one of the game from the serie. But I heard it's worth the look.
@jakecrump You should. They are fantastic. If you are going to pick up Fates start with Birthright it's much more newcomer friendly.
@malik_houni hey, you can play it on the commute, bathroom, other dead moments. that's the beauty of the portable console.
Oh man, this game is good! I bought the Conquest version at midnight the day of release and have put in about 10 hours so far. It would be more hours if the difficulty wasn't so brutal though. It probably takes me an average of 3-4 tries before I can beat a mission, luckily I still haven't completed the prior entry, Awakening, so I usually switch to that if Conquest is beating me up too much. If you're new to the series, I would recommend starting with Awakening or Birthright!
@maddenpj I started w/ Birthright, and as someone new to the series, the difficulty is either "right" or "too easy". Great game, though!