Finn Slack Bot

Finn makes doing things with lists easy and a bit more fun

Finn is a simple and minimal SlackBot made to let you run votes and pick randomly from lists you create. Great for picking a random team member or voting on a place to have lunch!
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Hi ProductHunt, Thanks for hunting Finn, @chrismessina! The idea for Finn just came from a need in our office to pick something from a list at random for lunch or for weekly meetings. After a few weeks of using a random number generator to pick who would decide on lunch, I decided a simple Slack bot would be perfect for this. You can pick at random or start votes on lists that you create. That’s all Finn does! Since the functionality was so simple I really tried to make him a bit more fun to interact with. Hopefully Finn can make mundane decisions or choices in your office just a tiny bit more enjoyable to do! Please let me know what you think and how I can make him better :] Jason
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