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#3 Product of the DayMarch 28, 2015
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It's a list of excerpts from cool blog posts (mostly about entrepreneurship and startups right now) and you can keep reading and/or share them. This will be a major time saver for me. It's just for iPhone right now, but I'll just use it on my browser. Let's get Finkipy. :D
More than the product itself, the founders are some of the best people on earth. With a few others on our SSG network, they were able to put together in 4 hours. I'm expecting more awesome products from them. Lots and lots of awesome products.
@charlesjo thanks Charles, we already linked Finkip to
@charlesjo has being really helpful to us in discovering our users behavior!
Hello everyone!, our mission is to save y'all from tab domination, just don't have to spend reading through all startup or tech blog you find, :) we will allow you to find the best content around and share the most important pieces! Welcome to Finkip!
Hi! How are you curating the content? Using my Twitter followers and who I follow (kind of Nuzzel)? Who curates it? Manual? PS: I see myself in there, thanks for that!
@jdcarlu some users have access to the "subscribe to blog" functionality and they help us with the curation (we also do a lot of the reading), you can however tap on your quote and see the whole post, highlight whatever you want. If more people highlight that it goes to "latest"
What's the purpose of swiping left on the browser?
@danjfein Hello Dan, we're trying out different UI / UX . The idea is that you can discard what you don't find interesting and be left only with the cards that you like.We try stuff first on the web version to see if it works and then replicate on the ios app.