Finish Your Damn Book

An actionable online course on writing a non-fiction book

Hey all, I'm one of the two creators of this course (it's myself and @iwearyourshirt). The course itself is built on a platform Jason's developed called Teachery ( We created this course because we've both written books and always make money off of them, and realized quickly that most folks stumble in the same spots with book writing (especially if it's their first time). So we created a course to help get over those trouble spots. Publishing, especially self-publishing, is a different beast than it was years ago, and it's a world we both spend a lot of our time in now, so we figured we'd share some of those things we've learned. Enjoy, Paul
Almost everyone has thought about writing a book. Some even have a draft on their hard drive or in a notebook. Unfortunately, that's where almost everyone stops. Finish Your Damn Book is a bold, generous push from Paul Jarvis and Jason SurfrApp, two guys that have broken through that barrier, finished their books and shipped their art, over and over. The world needs your art. The world needs your book. Learn from Jason and Paul exactly how to push through your barriers, finish your book and ship your art to the world.
@clayhebert Thank you sir!
@clayhebert you're too kind my friend! Thank you so much :)
Interesting - the way I see it is people are paying for discipline to follow through? How did you arrive at the price point vs say a monthly subscription?
@will_lam Hey Will - it makes sense to charge once vs monthly as there's a set number of lessons - so if people were paying monthly, there's no new "content" added to the course - it's already 100% built. The content isn't dripped either - it's all available for people to go through at their own pace.
I'm on board for pretty much anything from Jason.
@kevinsmu Thanks Kevin! Me too (especially I do a few different things with him). I have yet to convince him to change his last name to JARVIS though...
Most people don't think they can make money writing books without a publisher. We've proved that wrong on multiple occasions and want to teach other authors everything we know. No writing, publishing or book selling stones left unturned in FinishYourDamnBook!