Issuance platform and exchange for tokenized securities

Built on blockchain technology, we’re making it easier, less costly, and more secure to raise capital and issue regulatory compliant tokenized securities.

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Thanks for hunting us @derek. Finhaven is making it easier for growth companies to raise reliable, global capital by building a blockchain-powered securities exchange. Programmable securities is the biggest innovation in stock exchange since open outcry in 17th Century Amsterdam. While Satoshi Nakamoto posited a response to the financial crisis of 2008, what he invented moves us beyond the electronic trading of the 1970s to a transparent, global stock market. Tokenizing securities aka making them programmable combines the speed of electronic trading and the transparency of open outcry into a truly digital process that will transform stock markets for the next 400 years of finance and investing. The Financial Incentive Network is a tokenized loyalty program represented by FIN Points used to support and incentivize participation in the global network that will transform capital markets, not only by Finhaven itself, but with a multitude of institutional, individual, corporate and decentralized partners. Happy to answer questions here among the PH community.
Congrats on the launch!!
Making issuance of tokenized securities more secure & less costly 🙌🙌

The Finhaven platform leverages both the Ethereum blockchain and Bitcoin blockchain. The issuance platform and exchange are built on Ethereum with Bitcoin powering the remittance layer so investors can get BTC as the return from their investments.


Their blockchain-powered product is LIVE & gives companies better access to capital


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