Unlock your Mac with your iPhone TouchID

#3 Product of the DayNovember 29, 2014
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ok. this seems promising. i remember the day of the announcement of TouchID i asked for something like this. Ideally Apple would embed such a feature directly on the Mac. We know Apple like to take 2 years or so to roll out equivalent features on all hardware. so this may come That being said FingerKey seems to have issues with iPhone6 and 6+. Developer said he would bring a fix quickly. There was an app that did something similar by just double tapping the phone. But it was far from being efficient. FingerKey is a nice gadget but not a must have. the experience may for certain feel longer than just typing your own password 1. you need to unlock the iphone (1 tap) 2. find fingerkey (best cast 1 tap if on your home screen) 3. swipe left on your computer (1 tap) 4. tap login (1 tap) 5. touchID (1 tap) and only then your computer is unlocked 5 taps: too many taps. Ideally (and only Apple could do this) 1. Unlock your iPhone with touchID 2. done.
@OurielOhayon +1. That's way too much friction to unlock when typing your password on the Mac doesn't take much effort. I'd much rather unlock with my (non-existent) beard, anyway.
@rrhoover @OurielOhayon The solution to the problem seems overly complicated. I'm working on Lockr ( together with @jwvd, who you may know from I keep forgetting to manually lock my computer whenever I walk away. Timers can be very frustrating when for instance you're talking with your colleague while sitting behind your computer. With Lockr we're locking your computer whenever you walk away (with your iPhone) using bluetooth. And we also unlock your computer when you're back behind your desk, if you like.
@emieljanson @OurielOhayon @jwvd I like that approach much better, Emiel. Hopefully we'll see Lockr on PH soon. :)
@emieljanson @rrhoover @jwvd that looks VERY promising. can t wait to try it. the only concern i would have is that apparently anyone finding my phone could unlock this way my computer, even if they can t unlock my iphone. For me the only simple and elegant solution: TouchID on the Mac. just a matter of time.
This is really smart! Power of apple API