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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 21, 2017

FindThatLead Prospector is the best way for finding emails based on your needs. Get qualified leads for your entire sales team in seconds.

  • Federico Jorge
    Federico JorgeSaaS LeadGen Copywriter

    I can build any targeted list I want for my cold email campaigns.


    I wish I had more crediiiiiits!

    I have clients doing a lot of cold outreach. Some of them have their own lists, but most don't. FTL helps me build targeted lists for any client that comes through the door. I can set up a new campaign in just a few minutes using the prospector tool.

    Federico Jorge has used this product for one month.
  • Andrew Alex
    Andrew AlexProduct Manager

    It's the best thing on the market


    Quite expensive

    I've used this tool while I was working in two companies and it helped me to attract 3 clients. Extremely useful for B2B with cold mailing services integrations, like

    If your LTV more than 1000$ you can use this channel to attract clients.

    Andrew Alex has used this product for one year.
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gerardcompteMaker@gerardcomptedur · CEO
Thanks for hunting the Prospector Kevin! Hey hunters! Gerard, from FindThatLead here… After months of hard work, we’ve finally launched the new Prospector tool for FTL. This major upgrade will help you find thousands of targeted emails for your outreach campaigns, without spending hours doing tedious manual work or paying for unreliable lists of leads. You can start creating lists of prospects as soon as you sign up and fill entire weeks of leads for you or your sales reps. You’ll be able to: • Make prospecting easy • Avoid copy pasting emails and data from unreliable sites • Stop guessing your prospects emails (and seeing them bounce) • Get hundreds or thousands of qualified leads • Lower your cost per lead • Show your manager how great a salesman you are • Leave work early after crushing your sales ;) We’ll be rolling out a special deal for our awesome hunters: If you come from PH you can sign up for free, get 450 credits a month and use the new Prospector tool. Sweeeeet! Your advice to make the Prospector even better is appreciated and WANTED. Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to reply to everyone.
Tigran Hakobyan
Tigran Hakobyan@tigranhakobian · Entrepreneur, Co-founder/CMO @ inapptics
@gerardcomptedur Congrats on the launch! This is really awesome, will definitely use it ;) We have been using FTL for a couple of months already and we love it. Keep up the great work!
gerardcompteMaker@gerardcomptedur · CEO
@tigranhakobian thanks for your comment Tigran!
Al Tsang
Al TsangHiring@altsang · Current CEO of LunchBadger
@gerardcomptedur Kevin's amazing! This is a great intro comment and super helpful.
gerardcompteMaker@gerardcomptedur · CEO
@altsang Kevin is the man! Thanks for that comment :)
MarwannHiring@marwannas · Founder @ Les Voyages d'Emma
@gerardcomptedur Love it so much I upgraded to a "Small" Account. Will I keep the cool stuff you gave out to product hunters?
Nitesh Manav
Nitesh Manav@niteshmanav · Just google : Nitesh Manav
@gerardcomptedur I have used it and using it. It works like charm. Happy to see it on Producthunt. :) Keep innovating guys.
gerardcompteMaker@gerardcomptedur · CEO
@niteshmanav we are already working on new stuff ;)
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith@andrews39896024 · Copywriter
Great tool for attracting leads. Got promotion with that.
gerardcompteMaker@gerardcomptedur · CEO
@andrews39896024 thanks Andrew!
Ovi Negrean
Ovi Negrean@ovinegrean · Founder @SocialBeeHQ
Nice work @gerardcomptedur & team! I <3 any tool that helps startups grow!
gerardcompteMaker@gerardcomptedur · CEO
@ovinegrean It's all about the growth <3
kabandi saikia
kabandi saikiaHiring@kabandisaikia · Co-founder @ getomnify
Congrats on the launch, Gerard! Love FTL and has been using it for quite some time now. Prospector seems like a super addition to the product. Much needed 👍
gerardcompteMaker@gerardcomptedur · CEO
@kabandisaikia if you've been using it, you'll love the Prospector, trust me!