Find contact emails from any Linkedin profile (Chrome ext)

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Hey there Product Hunt! We are 2 entrepreneurs from Barcelona. We always sended invitations to possible customers and investors via Linkedin and never got accepted, then we just found a way to get their emails! This help us to improve on a 43% the acceptance rate. We saw the opportunity, we made FindThatLead and now we are looking for feedback.
Nicely made tool, but does it just guess at the email addresses?
@dan_e_gray Hello Dan, we find the emails 43% of the times with more than 98% of accuracy , we guess it around 25% and 32% not found. At the moment we 2 two entrepreneurs from Barcelona and we are looking to grow. The aim is to help 1000´s of entrepreneurs to find the emails of their best customers and possible investors! Thanks Dan!
@gerardcomptedur @dan_e_gray Great answer, thanks Gerard!
@gerardcomptedur @dan_e_gray What is the remaining 25-32%? O.o. I'm so curious.
@blainehatab @dan_e_gray Hello Blain, 25% we guess= We are not sure about the emails. At this moment but we are implementing new technics which will improve it. The 32% we do not found. Most of the times is because the person and the company do not have a related email or they are using other nick names.
@dan_e_gray Thanks to you Dan!
Hey @geradcompte Love the idea behind this tool, and I'm actually currently using a tool that's very similar (Capture by RingLead). I'd be very interested to see the different functionality you could build out! After trying your product it had a simple interface, though a recommendation would be to automate a web search for the domain name rather than having to manually input it. The search for the email took a little bit, and for a free tool I'm happy to see the direction this is going! Keep up the Good Work! PS Do you know of any competitors who are doing this that you are impressed by?
@lombardinelson Hello Mark, Thanks for your feedback! We just want to do one action! Find the emails of your possible customers, at the moment we have synchronize it with Linkedin. If you go to Linkedin and click the FTL ( FindThatLead) plugin it will automatically sync with Linkedin. We have in QA a 0.4 version of FindThatLead, which will find the emails only with the domain, generate social information, and find info from the whois! We are so excited. We love to connect the world! We are entrepreneurs and FTL is for entrepreneurs! Thanks Mark!
@gerardcomptedur I'm excited for the continued roll out of your product! Thanks for making this!
@lombardinelson We are also very excited! Thanks Mark
How is it this different from Rapportive?
@manikarthik Hello Karthik, We love Rapportive! now Rapportive is part as Linkedin as is very usefull extension to have in the gmail account but not as an email guesser or social network searcher. Findthatlead gives you verify emails, we wish one day Linkedin aquire us for 15M$ like they did to Rapportive!
@rrrraulsc "Mola" Spanish Version of "Cool ! " ...... Thanks Ra Serrano!