Findster Duo

The first GPS Pet tracker that's free of monthly fees! 🐶 🐱 🦁

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Hi Hunters! Virgilio here from Findster. We created the first version of Findster two years ago because my dog had (still has) a pathological obsession with cats. This lead to multiple disappearances, multiple hours spent looking for him and some money spent on auto repairs ;). The problem was that all the GPS pet trackers on the market required the payment of a monthly fee because of the cellular connection that is required to send the GPS coordinates from the module to the user’s smartphone. Imagine how many Fitbits where sold if they required you to pay a monthly fee! Like activity trackers, location trackers should also be free of monthly fees and we’ve done just that! By creating a proprietary long-range communication link we do not rely on the grid’s connectivity. This also means that we’re able to do live, real-time tracking, instead of a 5 minutes update rate like other GPS trackers. In our first Indiegogo campaign we delivered the first version of Findster to more that 50 different countries and the feedback received was amazing. However, a common feedback from the majority of our backers were the lack of wellness features that improved the long-term health of their pets (activity + food). From that feedback we created Findster Duo that not only tracks your pets’ location using GPS with no data fees but also rewards you for keeping them healthy! (sorry for the slogan ;) ). We’re now on Kickstarter with a very (very) limited price: Thanks for all the upvotes and comments! If you’ll like to discuss our tech in more detail please shoot
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@vafbento if you are using your own long range communication system you're not using GPS. I think it deceptive to put GPS in the advertising as it's not comparable to other GPS trackers that are using cellular connectivity and therefore have monthly fees.
Hi @joelle_writes! Thanks for your comment. Yes, we're using GPS to get the position of the Pet. The long-range communication just enables us to send the coordinate from the pet module to the smartphone (through the Guardian). Other GPS trackers have a cellular module + GPS we have our long-range RF module + GPS. Check this demo video that shows Findster Duo in action :
@vafbento ummm yeah what happens if I'm not nearby for my phone to tell me where my dog is? How is this supposed to work if I'm at my job all day and my dog gets out?
K. I'm sold. You put so much thought into the interactions around keeping track of my dog that I can't not at least try it out.
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Let's be honest, we could strap this to the kids, too.
@joshuapinter exactly what I'm thinking. My only problem - it's a kickstarter. Mehh .. I'll wait til it goes gold.
Hi @joshuapinter, I feel you! In our case we already have a track record of delivering a successful crowdfunding campaign before. And this time, the Hardware is already fully developed and we just need to start the production of the first batch. Oh, and you get it in December ;)
@pointandstare I hear ya. love Kickstarter but I have a personal ban on all pre-orders after being disappointed so many times in the past.. Speaking of which, Just got a timely update from Narrative Clip, who is now being shut down too. This looks fairly well fleshed out, but a personal ban is a personal ban. :)
@joshuapinter "if it ain't for sale then it ain't for sale" I wish you luck Virgilio and I'll check back when it's gone live.
@pointandstare @joshuapinter Can't say I blame you guys! The landscape is not looking pretty for crowdfunding projects. See you in December ;)
looks pretty cool will definitely look into this more when i get a dog
@morleyadam if you want we can also advise you which breed is right for you :).
No monthly fees?! Me gusta