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Why does this need to be an iOS app opposed to web? Really not sure what it adds.
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@macconnollyco It's adds mobility - one of the reasons why I decided to create Findr was to make it easier to quickly find information on the go so that prospective interns could rapport with recruiters better - I've made something I would use myself since currently looking for a summer internship
@kennybatista You would see *much* greater usage from a web app than from an iOS one.
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@macconnollyco Oh! I'm building that web app right now :) - Thanks
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@kennybatista awesome! I'm excited to try it
My personal info or everyones? πŸ‘€
I really like the idea but it's very basic information it finds through social media, im sure there is a lot more personal information out there that could be retrieved by asking the user for some more information during the onboarding. Apart from that it's a handy free tool to get some info regarding potential job applicants or research before a meeting. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
@thisdickie e.g. usernames you've used
@thisdickie This is great feedback, thanks so much! That's actually one of the reasons why I decided to create Findr - I'm currently looking for a summer internship and wanted to find a easier way to find information to rapport with recruiters
3 links two photos... not really powerful
hint: easy...