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Hi Product Hunters, I am David Yang, co-founder of Findo. I am very grateful that Findo was featured today. Thanks Chris @chrismessina! Let me tell you about Findo. I came up with this idea when I constantly was failing to find important emails in Gmail as well as my files and other important documents. Personally, I hate this search field. I can't find my emails! I mean, I could, if I could remember the exact keyword. But in many cases, I don't remember the name of that person who sent me a file, or I may remember but I can't recall the exact spelling. Perhaps I don’t remember the name of the file - only a general topic. Here is another situation. I may remember the keyword but clueless of where I stored the file. I asked my friends, and all of them experience the same problem. When I counted almost 2M documents in my mailboxes, personal cloud accounts and laptop – I realized this personal data mess needed proper management. It was obvious the solution should include AI technology. We then conducted research and found that 45% of respondents spend from 5 to 10 minutes to find necessary email, 12% spent more than 15 min! That was an insight to myself, my friends and lots of people who experience the same dilemma.
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That’s why we started Findo. I am Gary Fowler, co-founder of Findo. So what is Findo? Findo is a google-like smart search assistant across Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive, Outlook, YahooMail, and Laptop, and more. Findo “understands” human-like language and a user can search by description, e.g. “find presentation from a guy from Boston sent a month ago” or “My ticket to San Francisco from United”. The coolest part of the product – predictive insights feature. The system “recognizes” email from important people that contain requests and forwards those requests to Slack and/or Facebook Messenger. Your boss sends an urgent email asking for last month's report but you are out of the office. Findo will alert you through your messenger and help you find and share that report in just seconds. With Findo search bot, people can work in a group more effectively: find files, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, phone numbers and other information without leaving messaging platforms and immediately share it. Currently, we are implementing state of the art unsupervised and semi-supervised approaches: VAE models, Ladder style model, and GAN style model to create new experience of personal search. We prepared a special offer for Product Hunters. Support us today and get our Ultimate Plan for iOS app for FREE. If you have questions I'm happy to assist you. Thanks!
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@gary_a_fowler Awesome product. 🙌🏻One question. Is the Ultimate plan free for 1 month or forever?
@faisal_hassanx Hey, thanks for your feedback. The Ultimate plan is a special offer for Product Hunters. It's valid for six months.
@faisal_hassanx If you have any further questions – I'm happy to help.
@gary_a_fowler I signed up using the iOS App not aware that that was the incorrect way to get the 6 months free. Is there a way I can fix this or do I need to delete my account and start over?
@3raxton Braxton, we can solve it very simple - just open the link to our landing page on your phone (the one we provide on this page) - it will open the app with the subscription activated. If anything goes wrong - write me in chat in your app.
SkyNet is here. And I love it! =D
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@shmatkov_mykola Personal assistants:)
Search by the description is awesome!
@stepah Thank you so much!
Looks awesome, great job guys! Do you plan to create a bot for Facebook Messenger? It would be awesome if I could just ask my assistant in Facebook Messenger to get me that file that I don't have access to from my phone. 💎💎💎