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#5 Product of the DayMay 16, 2020
Finder is a lead generation tool that allows you to find email addresses from the key people at each business. Contacting certain websites didn't use to be this easy. Luckily, you found us.
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πŸ‘‹ Hey Product Hunt! I’m Lucas Maldonado and I created with my brother Franco. After investing countless hours doing lead generation and sending cold emails to fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, we decided to create our platform for finding email addresses. We have many ideas to continue developing this product like an email outreach software built-in inside Finder. Please help us decide what to build. πŸ“¨ Find email adresses from key people at every website in the world βœ… Verify that all email addresses really exist and are valid βš™οΈ Search by tech stack, find which websites are using your competitor services. 🌍 Quickly access Finder using our Chrome extension We are super excited to finally get this out into the world! We would love to get some feedback What features should we develop next? πŸš€
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Exciting! I've used a lot of these types of tools - definitely a crowded space. What would you say sets you apart from a tool like
@maxmirho1 Hey thank you very much! Well, at the moment we are very similar, Hunter is a great tool. One big thing that put as apart is our Technology Checker. With Finder your are able to find which websites are using which stack. For example: let’s say you are building a chat software and want to find out which websites are using Intercom, you will use Finder for it and then you will be able to contact those websites executives to pitch your business We have a bunch of future ideas and features we want to add, like the possibility of sending cold emails directly from our website. We want Finder to be the go to place for outbound marketing Thank you very much for your feedback Max! We highly appreciate it
@maxmirho1 +1 Hunter comes to mind but there are a ton tools indeed. Just looking at the sidebar and wouldn't wanna go through each :)
@lucasmaldonado That's awesome! I like the tech stack finder - super good addition. If I were targeting certain customers doing certain things with their websites or using certain tools, this would be invaluable.
πŸ‘‹ Hey Product Hunt! Franco here, just wanted to let you know that today we are also launching a special plan that will be available to Product Hunt users for 7 days, and then will disappear for good. Users who purchase this plan will be able to keep it for lifetime. This is a highly discounted price while providing more value. We really value the Product Hunt community and we would love to get feedback.
This is awesome! Love the idea behind it, and I the site design is nice and clean πŸ‘Œ
@jarodpeachey Thanks! glad you like it πŸ™Œ