A free lost pet database to bring lost pets home.

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Hey there! This is FindALostPet, a lost pet database that myself and three other fourteen, fifteen and sixteen-year-olds have been working on for the last half year. Anyone can post their lost pet for free, and everyone can post sightings of the lost pets they see on the street each day by just pulling out their phone, tapping Post a Sighting and taking a picture. The system then routes the sighting to the owners of the pet. If you've got any questions, problems or suggestions (or wildly over-the-top ideas), please comment. I'll be around to respond. And, if you don't have posting access but still want to chat, just email us at You can learn more about our story on Medium: Cheers, Laef, The FindALostPet Team
Nice! How do you plan on marketing this? The more people know about it, the better it works.
@joshdance Thanks! We've started a ThunderClap campaign at You can sign up with Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr there to have a post sent out from your account on September 1st about the project. And, if you're feeling daring, you can go to to share it with your friends and family (I say daring, because no one has yet used the feature!). Other than that, it's just word of mouth. If you have any ideas, please suggest.
Now, we've just launched the FindALostPet app for iPhone. Just like on, you can post a sighting of any lost pet you see in just two taps (one to say you want to report a sighting, one to actually report it), and it's just as easy to report that you've captured a lost pet. Same as on the website, we use artificial intelligence to route lost pets to their owners. And, if your pet is missing, you can post her or him right from the app, just as you would on the website. The app is ready for download right now in the App Store: We look forward to having you onboard! Also, if you have any suggestions, bugs to report or you just want to talk, feel free to email us: