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#5 Product of the DayJuly 08, 2018

Search and add tracks to library. Easy, fast, convenient. Adds "Find on Apple Music" button to the context menu.

1️⃣ Highlight the title of the track

2️⃣ Right-click

3️⃣ Select "Find on Apple Music" in the context menu

🎉 If the track is available, a modal window will appear

Click on the extension icon 🔍 to open the instant search form

This is fantastic. Simple and powerful. I might use this everyday.
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@spsrinivas30 Thank you! If you find any problems feel free to contact
@vladimir_verstov Is there a way to open the search result directly in iTunes app by skipping the website?
@binoyxj No at this moment. But, if you are authorized, you can add tracks directly from the page. Took note of your wish, I think in the next version I'll add this setting. Also, versions for other browsers are planned Stay tuned, and thanks for the feedback
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@vladimir_verstov Awesome! I know what I'm searching for and the thumbnail confirms it. So an option to open it directly in iTunes would be cool.
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@binoyxj Just published new version (1.0.4). Go to settings and have fun! Now you can choose between 3 options for context menu: - show widget - open in iTunes directly - open Apple preview page in the browser And 2 options for extension's popup window: open in browser or itunes Do I understand your idea correctly?
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When will this be available on Safari?
@erice549 Development for Safari differs from the development for other browsers and is more difficult. In addition, more recently they have changed the format of extensions and stop supporting the old one. Now you need to create Mac application (not just browser extension) that will contain the extension functionality. It should be distributed through the App Store. I'm a web developer, and with native applications I do not have much experience. Of course, I would very much like to provide support for the Safari, but I think it will not be soon. But I will look in this direction. Extensions for Opera, Firefox and Edge is much easier to develop. They, I think, will appear sooner