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Experience the joy of living for others

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The idea is nice and I was really eager to check it out, but why do I have to sign up to see anything? Also FAQ and help is pretty empty :/
@ignacy_wilczynski Sorry for that, guys are very busy with the groundwork so some places do not have as much content as we wish they would have, but stay tuned and sign up for updates if you can.
@david_kravitz @ignacy_wilczynski He literally said he didn't want to sign up just to learn about it and your fix is to sign up for updates? When are people going to realize they are literally turning people off their product before they even get a chance to show it off..
Find My Mission (former Gap Year) is an online platform for youngsters (Christians mostly) to find purposeful big-overseas-experience opportunities. It is a missions search platform. They match you to missions experiences based on where you want to go in the world and what you are passionate about. I'm an atheist myself, but the experiences these guys providing are mainly about passionate people helping people, religion aside.
@stas_kulesh I guess I don't understand if it was formerly another product, why would you not have just brought the information for Contacts and FAQ's right over from the other website? I also do not want to create a login like @ignacy_wilczynski . And because you have no information available on the website, the huge DONATE button sticks out like a sore thumb to me.
This seems to fit perfectly with Zuck's Harvard commencement speech.
Is it like volunteer camps?
@cherrywins More or less, helping out in missions all over the world.