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Upbeat PR has helped over 400 companies with PR. The most common question we get is: how do I get started with PR?

Following key journalists in your industry is a great first step. Understand how they are writing about different topics so you can better frame your narrative when you are ready to pitch.

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I think this is a clever tool to help bootstrapping startups hack PR by finding the most relevant media contacts who'd want to cover their story - I just tested it out for women in tech coverage and discovered new journos, great job 😺
@abadesi Thanks for the kind words!
Hey everyone— we weren't planning to do our Product Hunt launch just quite yet (we were thinking about it for next week), but thanks for hunting us @ahumblenerd! Was a pleasant surprise this morning to get a couple messages that said "you're on ProductHunt!" A bit of background: After helping hundreds of companies with PR and having talked to thousands of founders, the most common thing we hear is: "I'm not sure how to get started with PR" or "I'll think about it in a few months when we're ready to launch." So for hack week, we brainstormed around this idea of "how to get started", and one of the projects we built is a super simple, low commitment and low effort way to get started with PR. Just tell us a little a bit about your company in 30 seconds, and voila, we try to find the most relevant journalists for what you're working on, and let you subscribe to a weekly digest to stay on top of news about your industry, competitors, etc. Whether you're working at a company, starting a company, or just thinking about starting something, we hope this can help! It's still a very rough v0.1. Feedback, bug reports, etc are would be SUPER APPRECIATED! Thanks so much! A few different things go into generate the list of 5 journalists that we think are relevant to your company, including a simple machine learned topic model. Happy to give more details if anyone's interested. Some of the results could definitely use some heavy tweaking— feedback is super appreciated!
@dtran320 We are actually upbeat users, its super cool, and then stumbled upon the hackernews post, and thought you guys must be ready!
Anything that stimulates journalism, marketing and PR, I'm enthusiastic about!
@karimmaassen no more poo-poo'ing the media business. We're seeing a ton of experimentation in the media world (nwzer looks good!). At Upbeat we think PR is a critical part of that infrastructure and needs a software update.
@rickyyean Haha, yes! Agree! And thanks! Working hard on breaking the elite ;)
I've tried the service and the result looks good. My question though is: besides following these relevant journalists on twitter and the like, how do I reach out to them? How can I use them for my PR?
@karimmaassen Hey Karim! If you give your email to the service, we'll start bringing you digests of articles that are relevant to you written by these journalists and others like them. For now, it's how you'd prepare your pitch by getting familiar with the journalists' writing interests. In your dream world, what would you like to see?
@rickyyean I can see how that is benefitial. In my dream world, I’d like to see these journalists to actually connect to me (e.g. through Twitter).
You clever SOBs. Talk about an easy barrier to entry to pitch your PR services 😅 - But AI? Come on now.
@elliot_s_volkman We got the categories you see in the dropdown menu from an unsupervised LDA model that read through a couple million articles from top-tier publications and clustered them into topics. Then when you choose the topics that apply to your company, we look for the journalists whose articles line up most closely with those topics. has a pretty good explanation of what's going on.
@elliot_s_volkman haha! Part of the problem is that "beats" aren't descriptive enough, and often it's hard for reporters to articulate exactly what they're interested in especially if it changes all the time (and you likely don't want to be too narrowly defined to prevent FOMO). We are working on different approaches here.
@rickyyean I dig it. It's a clever approach that's for sure.