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Find your things with Google Glass by simply taking a pic!

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Bernat Fages
Bernat Fages@brnt · Product Manager @ Klarna
I was pretty excited for this until I found it's just a landing page with barely no details about the app :(
Christer Papanicolao
Christer PapanicolaoHunter@chrispapa · Founder,
True I suppose. I just liked the simple concept. Also I was disappointed there wasn't a demo or vid or something.
Adriana Vecc
Adriana VeccMaker@adrianavecc · Work @twitter. Founder @getfindit
Hey @brnt & @chrispapa! Thank you for the feedback. Indeed we didn’t spend too much time on the website to focus on the actual product. We’ll correct that very soon :) Here’s a full review that Glass Almanac posted about the app, hope this will give you the details you were looking for: And, Glass Explorers, you’re welcome to try it by yourself!