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A repository of products' design guidelines

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It may sound strange, but creating design guidelines is one of my favorite task. Someone knew this and shared this link with me today. Find Guidelines is where you can check out the design/brand guidelines of other products or submit yours! Hope to see PH guidelines on it soon :)
@syswarren I don't think it sounds strange at all. I'm also strangely drawn to the creating strict rule sets—it's very similar to game design. It's also a great test to see if a design is actually thought out, if you can't create good rules about it it's probably not a strong logo/image/name, and if you need to create lots of rules it's probably too precise. I'm wondering though, my behavior is to always just google 'company brand guidelines' and if that fails 'company logo guidelines' — this has a high success rate for companies that publish their guidelines, and a medium success rate for companies that don't publicly publish their guidelines. Can this replace that behavior?
@willimholte Totally, it could replace this recurrent "where can I find the guidelines of XXX". and other services do a great job about providing easy ways to share guidelines. I hope it becomes more common.
@syswarren Thanks for the mention - that's exactly what our vision at Brandfolder is all about. We want to make it easy to share, but also make it easy to *find* the brand assets/guidelines you need. We're currently looking into different ways to incorporate all the existing brand sites, like the ones on, into our search as well.
@parterburn you're doing a good work!
great resource
This is awesome! @syswarren +1 on PH guidelines on there :)
Thanks. Super useful!
I'm sending this to all my agency partners!