Find Friend Flights

Cheap flights for friends to meet up in another city

Input two origin cities and the product will send you and your friend emails about mutual flight destinations!
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now I just need friends to use this with :)
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@calchulus you've got all of product hunt family!
super clever, this also seems like a potentially cool tool for team offsites for remote/distributed teams — definitely immediately useful with friends though
Thanks Calvin for posting :) Friend Flights sends you cheap flights to meet up in another city Eg, if you're in SF and your friend is in NYC, you'll get cheap fare alerts for flights to Guatemala, Beijing, etc. It started when Luke was trying to plan a small vacay trip with his pal Facundo and it was hard to line up good deals for both of them. So we tossed up a website where we do that for you, scouting out “friend flight” deals and sending them to your email. Right now it’s powered by scraping, spreadsheets, and mail merges, and we’re working on getting the world’s flight prices coursing through our backend to find even crazier deals 😤
This is actually pretty neat. Love it
@edisonjoao6871 Thanks Edison! if you have any feedback for us as you use it, too, totally reach out and send us the hot takes! Thanks for checking it out :)
@raphael_kats The website says the flight notifications are sent every week. Are they sent on a particular day or as and when a deal is found?
@raphael_kats @jaya_sharma Hey Jaya! Thanks for checking this out and any and all feedback welcome! We send them out when we find particular deals! Also on the flight notifications, we send them every day, but as some deals are more common from some airports vs others, the rate at which you could receive them varies. So while we do give travelers thousands of dollars in fare savings each week, the rate which you receive an email varies -- in some cases could be once a day (we try to throttle that so it's not annoying) and in others could be closer to once a month