Find.Exchange Mac OS App

A currency converter with live rates that updates every 3s

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Great UI, love the currency comparison graphs! Seems to cane CPU though, for me that app was running at 100% after couple of minutes.
@demianturner Hi Demian, thanks for your feedback, we actually made a small update a couple of days ago. I will check with the team if this has been fixed as I have just tried it on my laptop (macOS Sierra 10.12.6) and its running smoothly. We will be making another update that should be reviewed and accepted by Monday as we have added a couple of more currencies. Please could you give us some more details on your macOS software version? thanks buddy and thanks for your feedback, we need this to end up with a perfect product out on the market :)
Thanks @rickyleeuk , I'm actually running 10.12.5, I need to update. The CPU cane seems gone today, maybe it's a first run thing. While I have your attention, can I ask why the designers chose to use a combo box for the main nav? It hides the other 2 options, I'm sure there's a percentage of users who will never change the default selection. Doesn't segmented control make more sense in this scenario?
@demianturner Hi! thanks for the feedback. We ended up all choosing a basic MacOS dropdown following their guidelines as it's our first MacOS app. I exactly know where you are coming from, you're saying to add the 3 functionalities in a way that it looks like a mobile app, just a click away. We will consider this and see how to fit it in one of the next updates following MacOS style. Feel free to download our iOS or Android apps, it has the same style but with more customisation included plus we have the today widget as well. Please let us know what you think. Thanks again!
Thank you Zulhumar Rozi for hunting us on Product Hunt. Our macOS app embodies similar functions as our chrome extension, we are just trying to make it available to more users ;) There are more exciting things coming up soon, stay tuned :0 (who whispered iPhone app?) I'm Ricky Lee, founder and head of product design at Find.Exchange. Happy to answer any questions and get some valuable feedback, thanks everyone.
@rickyleeuk hi Ricky, really like the design :) is there going to be an android app? want to use it on my phone too ;)
@xenia00008 Hi! thanks for your message. Yes, we have currently Android and iOS apps live on Google Play and App Stores, I'm not allowed to post links here, please search for "Find Exchange". Our current apps are very advanced and fun with not just a Currency Converter but as well Alerts and Historical Charts. We are working on our version 2.0 of the apps that will finally have the search and comparison functionality for Foreign Exchange, Money Transfer and Travel Cards. Feel free to download the app and try it out, we'll update everyone soon with version 2.0, enjoy and please give us any feedback! thanks.
@rickyleeuk hi Rick, wow, just tried the android version, I really like the app. The design is cool and it is so easy to use, it will be even better if there are more choices of the daily wallpaper :)
Love it on my mac (I knew I can't be the hunter again...I was right) Keep up with the good work!
@flora_li1 thanks! Great to have users on PH giving us feedback, keeps us the team alive πŸ˜„ Thanks again for the loyal support! If you find any glitches or you see some feature could be upgraded some how for a better user experience please do let us know, thanks. Enjoy!
Guys you did an amazing job, well done ;-)
@anna22684843 thanks for the compliments. We'll be making some crazy cool updates in the next weeks so keep tuned on our social networks and on Product Hunt. Thanks
Guys love it! Thanks for create a simply and nice macOS app.
@jack_horson thanks, we always try our best! We have cool designers and developers trying to create a unique user experience and make it look attractive at the same time. We are making an update this week, you'll see some nice updates on πŸ˜‰ enjoy!