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Hey, Hunters! I’m one of the Co-Founders of FindBroadband. Happy to answer any questions you have! In short, we’re out to make the process of finding broadband service easier for businesses. Our sister site: is already the dominant tool in the residential broadband space, but in interviewing our users we found that our tool didn’t adequately serve the needs of business shoppers so we set to create a better tool. In short we created specifically for: 1 — Businesses who have a few to 1000s of locations. 2 — Businesses who are evaluating locations both urban and rural. In both of these use cases, the information in the industry is structured in such a way that business customers are in the dark about which providers actually have service at different locations. We’re working to unlock that data. How to Tool Works: Currently, we’ve cataloged ~500,000 “on-net” addresses within most urban cores. “On-Net” means that a building is already wired with business grade Fiber/Ethernet connection. Then to augment this On-Net data with ~5,000 provider footprints to show you exactly which providers offer service at or near your location. We hope you find the tool useful! We're continuously expanding our "On-Net" database so we expect to get substantially more accurate in even more locations over time.
Good one. Are you guys planning to monetise this(by affilaite marketing sort of plan?). Just curious :)
@spsrinivas30 Solid question.
Awesome job Nick! Find Broadband looks great!
With one query, you are searching over: - More than 486,212 On-Net and Near-Net addresses. - Over 4,949 provider footprints. - Information on 1,200+ datacenters.
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