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So, what's really cool with this service is that you can not only see where your fellow digital nomads are now, but also up to 1 year into the future. It makes it easy to plan your travels to meet up with interesting people, running their various businesses from the road. Another really cool thing about it is that the product is built not by a company, but by a community of nomads. The always entertaining nomad couple Mish & Rob of Making it Anywhere had the idea, and a bunch of awesome people in the community offered to make it a reality. Read the whole story in the blog post in the related links.
Thanks so much for posting Find A Nomad, @kjemperud! It really was a great fun project to work on with members of our digital nomad community. About 20 of us collaborated on Find A Nomad in total (design, development, testing, promotion, writing, etc.) - and incredibly, there were zero hissy fits. We came up with the idea for Find A Nomad back in May (you can read the full story here:, and at the very start we decided that it'd be an entirely free, non-profit-making website/app for fellow digital nomads to benefit from. While being a digital nomad is incredible, it can get lonely sometimes. We've accidentally missed out on meeting heaps of fellow nomads by not realising they're in the same city as us - and we know that others have had exactly the same experiences. Hopefully Find A Nomad will help us all to meet up with existing and new friends while we travel the world living this amazing lifestyle.
@robdix yeah! what I like about it, is how it brings randomness with planning together. You just see of anyone's plans goes along with yours. I would suggest, that after you enter your trip, you would have a search icon next to it, so that once you press on it it brings you similar or same trips of other members to increase interactivity and make it easier. Also having countries in a nice colored list with a counter of number of trips next to them I believe all this would make it great. Nice product and travel, travel, travel
@k_roushdy these are SUCH great ideas - and I especially love the one about being able to enter a trip and then immediately see who else will be in that location at the same time as you. Thank you so much - it's going on our (very long) to-do list! We'll have to give some more thought to the country list too - there's definitely something in there. Thanks again! Rob
@robdix always glad to help. would be happy to hear the updates :)