Find A Maker

find a partner for your next project

Find A Maker lists all kind of different side projects. Looking to make some extra cash at the end of the month? Working on a Side Project is the solution!

You want to launch a Startup but you need some help? Find A Maker!

The jobs are tagged with 4 main specific roles : Builder, Organizer, Seller, Designer.

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Hello dear hunters! I'm really excited to finally release Find A Maker on Product Hunt ! Working on a Side Project helped me to start as a Full Time Freelance. I managed to make 800€ per month just to work a few days per month on the webapp of a Lawfirm. And I always wondered, how do you even find a project like that ?! The idea of a job board for side project then came to my mind, but I wasn't really sure about it. My brother is a very skilled UX designer, and together we tried to launch a few projects, but our problem was always the marketing part. And we struggled so hard to find someone to help us market our projects. So I thought it would be cool to be able to simply post a Job Post for this, right ? And not a $200 or $300 job post, but a small yet powerful post for a few bucks. Because we're talking about Side Projects after all, not full time positions. It was then decided: I'm going to build this website 😃 That's how "Find A Maker" came to life. Now you are not alone to launch your next startup! Now you can find a Side Project to make some extra money! The idea of having four roles came from two different things: 1. Tweet from kylefox 2. MMOs "Looking for Group" feature and UX where you look for a place in a group by telling what role you're gonna play At the moment the website is not filled with thousands of jobs, but that's okay. It will take some time. Especially for Product Hunt, you can use this 60% coupon PHLAUNCH and find a maker! I really hope you will like this project! Cheers Clément
Great idea! So demanded in todays IT world
This is awesome! I saw one request for a developer, but has no detail about what the side project is about. If they give more detail, more interest and contacts the person will get. How will you handle this part or are you going to leave the post at their own discretion?
@romanarellano unless the job post is really bad (badly written or against the terms and conditions), I don't plan to edit the job posts. Some people prefer to remain as secret as possible with their project and we should respect that, but of course it goes with its pros and cons. I am, however, very opened to improve the job posts if the author is in need of advice!