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Don't know what film to watch? Welcome to FAFF, where social networking, advanced algorithms and an intuitive interface combine to bring you the best movie recommendations, fast. Stop searching and start finding. Latest research shows the best way to get recommended films you will enjoy is from people like you. It's the way forward and the more you get involved the better it gets. No looking back - this is how to find your film fast.
Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
I think we all have to come to the conclusion that it will always be a seemingly impossible task to find a movie to watch - there are websites, apps, bots?, flipping a coin, etc etc AND WE STILL NEVER CAN DECIIIIIIIDE?!?!?!?!
@bentossell I agree. It's a super hard job that people like Google are trying to solve with things like Assistant but the guys at FAFF are working on making it more fun & less tedious. This is just an MVP so plenty more to come.
Dylan McKeeMaker of things.
Really cool app, loving the UX. Just needs some kinda 'Netflix filter' so it can recommend me stuff that's on the steaming services I have 😄
@djmckee Thanks Dylan. Thats gone into the roadmap :)
Elias V.Founder & CEO, MinuteHero
@djmckee @saratpediredla Might want to talk to JustWatch ( from Berlin for that...
connor norvellWeb and Graphic Designer
Love the concept. Only problem is the algorithm doesn't work well initially. For example, I rated probably 50 movies, mostly thrillers were "love" (zodiac, fight club, gone girl, kill bill, etc.) and then when i went to recommendations it was listing 100% disney movies. which I am fine with, but have 0 relation to the movies I had just rated. I am sure over time it will get better, as it learns my likes more. But currently it wasn't working as expected. Exciting Idea! i will continue using it to see if the algorithm improves! Great work!
@connor_norvell that's strange that you're getting them results back, it works by matching you to people with similar ratings to yourself and then showing you films they've seen and you haven't. This obviously means that as you rate more and as we get more users your recommendations will undoubtably get better! Thanks for the feedback 😄
@connor_norvell As Jay says, the key here is matching you to others who have similar likes. As user numbers increase, our algorithm will improve. We will also be looking to improve the machine learning element as we move out of MVP.
Andrew Alex
Product Manager

3 options for film review is not enough, I want to rate some films as "special" for 100 and some as bullshit for 1. It will help not only users but also your algorithm to learn faster. It's much better to have numbers from 0 to 100 instead of 0-2. A lot of bugs: when I have already rated film, why it still appearing in my list of recommendation?


Great idea, nice films lists


Needs integrations (imdb, Amazon, Netflix), now I am rating films like monkey

FAFFStrategist, hedgehog lab
Hi Андрій Алексєєнко Thanks for your very helpful comment and advice. We’ve currently just changed the algorithm. The old algorithm didn’t show rated movies, I personally preferred it that way. However, we had issues with limited high rated movies being suggested. As some users like to watch old films that they’ve rated but haven’t seen for a while. Integrating (imdb, Amazon, Netflix) is definitely something we are looking into and are keen to get it in the app. Your feedback is very much appreciated though, as we are always looking at ways of improving FAFF. We’re currently working on new features as we speak, so look out for new updates.
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