Finch for Twitter

Turn your Twitter timeline into beautiful streams of photos

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Alternative tagline "Turn Twitter into Instagram" haha :) This is cool, but I think because of who I follow (and who follows me) that most images would be tech-work related. Rather than on Instagram which the intent is to put something more visual on there. Thats only for certain cases though . Still think its pretty cool :)!
@bentossell thats true, my Home timeline is filled with news or tech. Thats why we've build "Explore" which we try to add all sort of interesting photos. Since using Finch I followed a lot more Twitter Lists (list of users) or searches which I would have missed previously!
@siuying yeh I think twitter may have missed a trick with images and the whole instagram situ
Hi there Product Hunt! I’m thrilled to present you Finch, a simple way to discover and curate photos on Twitter. We’ve made this app to help us enjoy photos on Twitter. I found it super cool to just dig in to endless stream of photos, and pick great photos into collections. Hopefully you'll find new perspective on photos on Twitter like we did! Looking forward to hearing what you think about it.
I like how it's laid out. Twitter's current way of showing pictures on our timeline is not exactly appealing.
@renzzemistal yes, and many of the good features like Lists and Collections don't get any love. At this time we can't solve the discover problem of lists and collections, because we could not search them on Twitter.